Pay Per Click


PPC or Pay Per Click is a type of online advertising

PPC or Pay Per Click is a type of online advertising where the advertiser pays only when someone actually clicks on their ad. It is a cost effective way to get your website noticed by the target audience. PPC Services provide your business the opportunity to pay for top slots on Google and other popular search engines. The best part is that you have control over what you pay for as your pay only for received traffic.

Search engines generally place PPC ads under the section “Sponsored Ads”helping users to easily notice these ads even on a page crowded with text.

Google Adwords is the most popular in the world of Pay Per Click advertising.

Aussie Webhost provides you with PPC packages & customised PPC solutions that help your business attract target customers effectively.

PPC is all about

PPC is all about placing your business in front of interested customers

Proactively find your customers:

PPC Is about reaching out to your customers rather than they coming to you. PPC lets you target potential customers when they are researching or searching on keywords related to your business.

Create Brand Awareness

PPC helps spread word about your business. Remember for every one user that clicks on your ad, there are thousands who view it.

Attract browsers specially searching for related products

As PPC ads are placed in front of customers who are already searching for related products, the chances of conversions are higher.

Pay only for actual clicks

You can control your monthly budget and you pay only for the clicks your ads actually receive.


Aussie Webhost has a team of PPC experts who can create successful PPC campaigns for your business.
We have experience and a proven track record to help you achieve maximum return from your online business.

KW research and Analysis

We carry out a detailed research into the potential keywords that can help you drive traffic for your business. Our experts sit with you and take time to understand your business, keywords and goals.

Website Audit

We carry out a website audit to ensure that you have targeted landing pages and can achieve maximum benefit from PPC.

Competitor Analysis

It is important to understand your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities when matched to your competition. We carry out a stringent competitor analysis and design your campaigns accordingly.

Designing campaigns

This includes campaign creation & ad copy writing for various networks as Google AdWords, Bing or Facebook.