Inventory Management Software

Consolidated Inventory with Reduced Processing Time

Adros System developed a product called Inventory Management Software that simplifies your inventory, gives you integrated inventory control across your entire internal organization. Create Your Inventory, share with your potential customers, organize your valuable information and keep track of them and at last the running inventory report helps in maintaining records. For everyone between placing order and delivery Adros Inventory Management software makes everything simpler. With our software your every order is promised to be delivered to right address without any delay.

Our inventory management software makes processing much simpler for team members. Having up-to-date inventory system using Adros System software helps expedite yours business processes. Keep all your products in sync across all of your storefronts without out getting stuck up with time consuming manual updates.

Main Features

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Product List

You can create, update and delete your members. You have complete controls over your members activity.

Customer History

With the help of few clicks you can accept payment from your members.

Multiple Locations/Warehouses

You can provides an environment where your members feels your care.

Reorder Stock (Purchase Order)

Only authorized members can enter in your club area, and if members membership expires you can stop them to enter in.

Integrate Barcodes

Club360° is not only a members management software, but it can help you to do SMS Marketing and Email Marketing.

Built in Reporting

With the help of reporting you can see Active Members, Membership Due, Progress Card, Profit and Loss and many more.

Automatic Backup

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Manage Customers

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Why We??

  • • Inventory Management System For Tracking Sales, Orders, Levels, Deliveries, Stock Control
  • • Control So, Who Can Use Our Software Product??? Those Who Are Looking Out For Methods To Manage Work More Effectively And Delivering Value To Their Customers. We Cover All Industry May Be Retail, Warehouse, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Retail, And More.
  • • Comprehensive And Unified Software That Help You Provide Customer Quotes, Find Warehouse Stock, Free Download Of Reports For Sales.
  • • Get Yourself Organized With Product List And Keeping Track Of Movement History
  • • Be More Quick And Professional By Keeping Track Of Your Vendors And Customers And Maintain Records Of All Inquiries.
  • • Custom Documentation And Also Customization Is Available
  • • You Can Export Document In Desired Format For Email And Taking Print.
  • • Your Inventory Dashboard Lets You See Cash Flow, Outstanding Orders, And Sales.
  • • Complete Workflow And Bill Of Materials Are Other Outstanding Features.